Monday, May 03, 2010

Sort of a day off

I have the day off from school today.  It kind of came as a surprise since I didn’t realize we still had a comp day coming up.  I’m not complaining though.  It will be a short week for me.  I’ll be at school Tuesday and Wednesday and them I’m heading to Austin after school on Wednesday.  I’ll get back on Saturday and then I have training all day Monday and half of Tuesday.  It’s been difficult to work around this trying to figure what my classes should do while I’m gone. 

I was looking forward to sleeping in this weekend and today.  I reported about my Saturday awakening.  I did end up going back to sleep and getting up around 9:30.  Yesterday I got up by 8:00 and did some work on the grant project that is due today.  I sang in the choir yesterday and then came home and mostly worked on my website that I have to get finished and emailed my partners back and forth all day regarding the grant.  I’m not keen on working in groups.  I guess I’m too independent.  Though my partners have been great to work with and have done an amazing job, I usually prefer doing things my own way. 

I’m making great progress with my website.  I created a really cool banner in photoshop.  Now I’m working on all the details of the other pages.  It has been a little frustrating having to go between two computers though.  I only have photoshop on my old laptop.  So I have to edit images and crop them over there and then get them to the new laptop.  Of course I’ve been doing it the hard way by moving them via email or a jump drive.  Just this morning I remembered that I could map a network so I’ll try that and see if it goes faster.  (Edit – finding it is more difficult than I thought as the computer is not cooperating.)  When I’m finished with the website, I’ll post the link so you can check it out. 

Well, I get get to work.  I need to get most of the website finished today as I won’t have time later this week. 


Andrew said...

Your biggest blog fan thanks you!!!! Usually, I have to wait till night to get a post on a school day and imagine my joy when I got a post this morning. Is it summer yet? LOL Don't go to summer school. Blog and take care of your pets. Be a sendentary person like I!!! LOL Love you and take care today and have a great one.

Your Biggest Blog Fan,


Anonymous said...

Working in groupes is a bit tricky sometimes ... I really do not like it very much. I am curious about your site!