Sunday, May 09, 2010

Home for a few weeks

I just finished the last of my travel for a few weeks at least.  Our trip to Austin was pretty successful though.  Our history team took first place and we had the individual state champion in our class.  I didn’t really have time to blog.  I couldn’t get internet while at the competition and I spent the first day finishing up my website offline.  I did also get to read a book that had nothing to do with school which was nice. 

It was a long drive home yesterday but we got in around 10 and I got back home shortly before 11.  I uploaded my website and now I just have to take three assessments and I’ll be done with coursework for the semester.  I’ll have about a 3 week break and will start up again this summer. 

I got my Southwest Airlines tickets for our vacation in the mail yesterday so that is exciting.  I need to reserve a rental car and buy our theme park tickets.  I cannot tell you how ready I am for vacation. 

My website for my web design class is finally finished – at least as much as I’m going to do for the project.  I’ll continue to add to it, I’m sure.  Feel free to check it out.

I ordered pizza for lunch because I didn’t want to cook.  Now it’s dinner time.  Not sure what I’ll do for dinner.  Guess I’ll go check the fridge and cupboards. 

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back, glad to see that it was a successfull journey, also it must have been stressfull too!
I looked at your site and I am impressed - you give a nice impression and portrait of your personality (Just to avoid misunterstandings: I am not as good in command of this language as I liked to be to, so I hope that there is no wrong tone in this, if there is any so I beg your pardon, it would absolutely be not intented!).
I knew about your roller-coaster-addiction (!) and that you like the Martian, but I did not know that you are interested in the Titanic.
What kind of software did you use? And did you create the "header", the collage on top, by yourself? Respekt - anything graphic, what goes beyond the printed text page - is out of my reach.