Saturday, May 22, 2010

Almost the end

Well, the end of school at least.  It’s the home stretch with just a week left.  Even though grad school is done for the semester (I made A’s in both classes), it is still busy as ever.  I have to get grading done this weekend.  Semester tests and reviews are ready at least. 

I have an interview Monday for the library job opening in the district.  I was getting dismayed that I hadn’t been called, but thankfully a teacher I know at that school went to bat for me.  I guess the principal received my information rather late but she emailed me last week and asked about a time for the interview.  It will be from 12:15 to 1:15.  Josh and I went shopping today and I finally found something to wear.  It seems just before summer, there’s not much left in the way of “business” attire.  I opted for something that isn’t too business-y.  I found a straight black skirt that hits just below my knees (in a smaller size – woo hoo) and a black and white sweater that is short sleeved that looks like a black sweater with a white cardigan (but it’s one piece) and on the outer white pat it has a black print of flowers and butterflies.  I thought it fit for an elementary school interview.  I have found out that there is some competition for the job so I hope to do well in the interview.  I’m going over my library stuff from all my classes and looking at potential questions I could get asked and figuring out how I’d answer them.  I’m reading through the school’s campus improvement plan and planning questions to ask the committee that will interview me.  Surprisingly, I’m not feeling very nervous about it.  I also noticed on the employment opportunities for the district that there’s an opening for an instructional technology specialist and I figure if I don’t get the library job, I might apply for it. 

As I said, Josh and I went shopping today.  We ate lunch at Red Robin, then went to the mall.  I tried some things on, but it was mostly “miss” today.  Josh found some pajama pants he liked at the mall but that was it.  After the mall, we went to Kohl’s were I finally found the outfit I bought for the interview as well as something to wear on vacation week after next. 

Tomorrow I’m playing at the 11:15 mass and then I’m going to the school to work.  I do more interview preparation when I get home and then just hope for the best on Monday.  Wish me luck!

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