Saturday, May 15, 2010


I went up to the school today and worked my butt off.  My back storage room has been a mess since sometime last year.  I’ve made piles and piles of stuff and it was simply overwhelming.  So I finally decided to clean it out today.  I got to school shortly after 10 and left at 4:30.  I cleaned the closet, my desk area, my other desk area, and the room itself.  The only thing left is “The Cave” which is a large room where I have boxes of yearbooks stored, decorations, and miscellaneous other materials.  But since I have to work the Saturday after school is out, that will give me something to do.  I brought home a ton of other work that I’ll get to tomorrow.  I have papers to grade and yearbook ads to deal with.  It’s getting to that crunch time, but I’m glad that there’s only 2 weeks of school left.  I’m so ready to go on vacation! 

I made an “A” in one of my classes, but the other class has not posted my grade yet.  I’m pretty sure I’ll get an “A” for web design, but won’t know until it’s official. 

Josh is home!  I got home around 5:00, took a shower and then Josh and I went out to dinner.  We went to Cheddar’s.  I had the cornmeal catfish and it was really good.  Josh had a bacon cheeseburger and we split some of their wonderful croissants.  I also had a margarita.  After dinner we went to Lowes and got a weedeater.  Then we stopped at the grocery story so that Josh would have food to eat.  I’ve been living the single life so my groceries are far more limiting. 

I’m already tired.  I guess I worked pretty hard today.  I’m going to watch a little t.v. and call it an early night. 

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