Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finally Rain

We’ve finally been getting a LOT of rain.  It rained Saturday night and then I went ahead and watered my yard on Monday (my one day of the week with the water restrictions) so of course that evening it rained again.  It rained yesterday and tonight we have a pretty full storm with lots of rain roll through.  I was at the bowling alley with teacher friends and they had two power surges because of lightning.  Luckily I headed home after the storm rolled through. 

Work has been insane.  I’m almost done with fixed assets and am down to three missing items.  Next, I have to work on my library inventory and getting list of items for teachers to check in at the end of the year.  Matt was off today instead of Monday so he came and shelved a whole bunch of books for me.  That will make it easier for me to start doing inventory. 

I got my end of year evaluation from my principal on Monday.  I got a perfect score on it.  She was very complimentary about me and I was very happy about it all.  I’ve been getting compliments left and right lately.  The assistant principal told me today that I’m doing a fantastic job.  She said in my job interview that they had a good feeling about me.  As much as some of the extra duties that I have can be frustrating and the students are often trying, I love my job.  I enjoy what I do.   Becoming a librarian and moving to San Antonio has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

The students are going crazy right now.  Yesterday there was a stampede of about 80 6th graders but I missed it because I was checking band instruments.  Today there was a fight between two boys and one came away with a pretty bloody nose.  I think both students and teachers are anxious for the end of the year to get here.  I’m just worried about getting everything done that I need to. 

It’s past my bedtime so I’m going head that way.  Hopefully the storms are done so that I’ll get some sleep tonight. 

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Andrew Quixote said...

I refrained from bugging you during your blog absence. I know how busy you are and sometimes it gets hard to work, post to the blog, and keep Mr. Matt happy.

Hey? At least your readers don't call the police on you when you don't post for a week. When I got off the mental ward of the hospital, Abbagirl had called the police reporting me as missing! LOL Police were knocking on my door moments after arriving home.