Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A nice weekend

It was a nice holiday weekend spent with my honey.  Matt cooked burgers on the grill Sunday night and we watched the Spurs game.  It was difficult to watch and I had to keep myself busy with laundry because I was too nervous to watch.  They barely won their first game against the Thunder.  Tonight they’re playing better, but the Thunder are making a comeback.  Spurs were up by 20 points at one point, and now they only lead by 9.  I hope they can keep it up.  It would be great if they can sweep the series again. 

Can you believe I’ve become such a basketball fan?  This is the girl that hated sports.  Ok, maybe hate is too strong.  I wasn’t very interested in sports.  Of course it’s easy to become a fan of a team that is very successful.  But there is such an energy in this town.  It helps that Matt is such a big fan as well. 

I had band rehearsal tonight and now I’m watching the game.  Matt will call me when it’s over and then I’ll head to bed.  Matt will be over tomorrow evening and we’ll cook a pizza.  Thursday will be Scrabble practice again and then it’s the weekend again.  It seems that time flies by quickly lately. 

I’m still feeling behind at work, but I stay busy all day.  There’s still another week and day of school for the students.  Teachers finish on the 7th and I work until the 13th.  I hope I get everything done that I need to.  I guess I will even if that means I have to stay late.  Luckily Matt is going to come up and help me all day Thursday. 

Well, I think it’s time for me to get some cleaning done.  Spurs are letting the Thunder score a bit much.  Only up by 6 points.

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Andrew Quixote said...

The weather channel is in San Antonio tonight! I grinned as I thought of you and Matt. Keep a watch out for storms and tornados!