Sunday, May 27, 2012

House Hunting

I’m not officially looking yet other than checking out things online and doing some drive-bys today.  I found a couple of houses that I really liked, but it’s still premature.  I’m hoping it’s a buyers market right now.  Hopefully we’ll get the ball rolling on selling my house back in Canyon soon.  I need that to be taken care of before I can actively look.  Matt went with me and he actually enjoyed it.  He wasn’t sure if he would.  We aren’t planning to shack up or anything.  He thinks his mom would disown him if he did that, but there is talk about potentially living together in the future – should we get married that is.  I think looking at houses has made him more interested in someday living in a nice house rather than his apartment.  We have an ongoing joke about having a “fish” room.  He has some mounted fish that he wants to put up in his house someday.  I’m of the mind that mounted fish do not really belong on most walls of the house.  But perhaps I’ll find a house with an extra room that can become his man cave where his fish can be displayed.  One of the houses we looked at was a foreclosure I think.  It’s been vacant since January.  It’s really spacious, but it has a large back yard.  I liked the community it was in though.  It wasn’t cookie cutter. 

Matt grilled burgers tonight and now we’re watching the Spurs.  Tomorrow we’re going to go to Six Flags and try the waterpark side of the park.  It kind of sucks that I’m not out of school yet.  Back in the Panhandle most schools are out already.  Oh, well, there’s still a lot for me to do.  It’s been a pretty nice Memorial weekend so far.  We saw MIB 3 on Friday, went out to dinner at Tony Roma’s last night, and enjoying an evening at home tonight.  It’s a busy weekend, but it’s been nice to spend it with Matt. 


Anonymous said...

It's nice that Josh is coming home soon! And its really funny to hear about the fish! Wonderful that you could check out neighborhoods together and think/dream about the future!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog and it makes me smile to know that you are happy and life is good!

House hunting is soooo much fun. My advice is take your time and find the perfect house!

Calvin Mordarski said...

Yes. If Matt plans on living together in the aftermath of your marriage, then you should get ready for that, Annabel. The large backyard would make good use when the two of you have kids one day. By the way, I’ve seen MIB III just a week ago and I like the ending - it's pretty dramatic.

Denise Bolds said...

For me, it’s more convenient if you start looking for the house after you've settled down. That way, you could have enough time to decide which of them would appeal to both of you the most. Hey, it could even be the first major thing you do as newlyweds! Cheers!

Denise Bolds @ Vancouver Canada Homes