Sunday, June 10, 2012

Finally Coming Home

Josh was supposed to get in last night at 8:40, but his flight out from Tasmania was delayed so he had to spend an extra day in Sydney.  Luckily the airline covered the cost of a hotel for him and some meals.  He will arrive in SA around 5:15.  It will be good to finally have him home. 

I helped at the Folklife festival for the last two days.  Basically it’s a large multicultural celebration with all sorts of food from different cultures, vendors selling different things, entertainment, and services.  I helped with the library table where we would look up the origin and meaning of people’s surnames.  It was kind of interesting.  They would also print certificates with the information for them as well.  I started out as a greeter, but I preferred being a researcher where I looked up the names for them. 

I have three more days to work before I have my summer vacation.  I hope I can get everything done that I need to do.  It will be a long three days.  I have to get focused and get busy on Monday and Tuesday so I can get my inventory and end of the year final reports done.  Wednesday will be spent cleaning so that the office staff and principal can move in to the library in July while work will be done in the main building. 

Well, I should get some work done before Josh gets home.  I need to do a little cleaning. 

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