Sunday, January 20, 2013

A slow week

I didn’t lose much weight this week.  Only .8 pounds.  But then again, I hardly exercised either.  I didn’t really exceed calories, but I should have exercised more.  The last few days I’ve far exceeded calories so I need to get back on track.  At least I haven’t gained.  Not sure what the scale will show next week.  Have I mentioned how much I hate exercising?  Matt just doesn’t seem to understand how much I despise it.  He asks me if I feel good afterward and I said no, I feel sweaty and tired.  The last time I really lost weight was when I took a dance workout class at Amarillo College.  Unfortunately the only similar class around here is on the far north side of town and I refuse to drive through rush hour traffic to get there.  Maybe I’ll got the pool in the spring when it opens.  I just hate walking.  It bores me. 

The new kitty has made himself at home.  He seems to enjoy it here – especially getting fed regularly.  He also likes people food.  I can’t eat anything sitting on the couch without him in my face.  He finally has a name – Felix Mendelssohn the Cat.  Josh suggested a philosopher or composer and when he said Felix, it seemed to click.  He doesn’t know his name yet, but hopefully he’ll learn.  The other animals seem to have accepted him.  Even Lucy has stopped hissing all the time.  They can both be on their food table together waiting for dinner.  I think she’s a little jealous – she has even been kind of playful lately.  Last night I had purring in stereo with a cat on either side of me. 


Leann said...

Glad everyone is settling in and tolerating each other :-). Still loosing! Good for you.... .8 is loss, no matter what!

Jan said...

The way I see it, if you lost .8, you didn't gain 5.8 pounds! There are some weeks any loss is major, lack of gain is monumental!

Have you tried audio books while walking? I enjoy it.