Saturday, January 05, 2013

Vacation is almost over

I’m not ready to go back to school but I guess I have to.  Once again, I’ve been staying up too late and sleeping in.  I did get to bed a little earlier last night.  I also got up a little earlier, but I think 9:30 won’t cut it on Monday.  I’ve managed to exercise and stay within my allotted calories for 3 days now, but I can’t say I’m enjoying it.  I do feel hungry at the end of the day, but so far I haven’t cheated.  It will be easier when I start seeing results I hope.  I will do a mid-week weigh tomorrow and then a full week on Wednesday. 

I think we’re going to see the Hobbit tonight.  I haven’t quite finished the book, but I don’t have much more to go.  Since it is in 3 parts, I’ve read enough to watch the first movie.  I need to get Matt started on the Harry Potter books.  I got him interested in the Jack Reacher books so it’s hard to pull him away from those.  I planned to read more than I have during the break.  Maybe I can get a few books read tomorrow. 

I think I’m going to finally get out of my bed, take a shower, and head out to get some bourbon.  Not to drink – I’m making bourbon chicken at some point. 

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Jan said...

Have you gotten to see Jack Reacher yet? I haven't, but I'm not a movie person at all. When I sit still in a dimly lit room, I go to sleep!

The movie was filmed in my neck of the woods, though. Friends who have seen it say not only was it a great movie, but our area looks great!