Thursday, January 03, 2013

Diet Day 2

I’ve been pretty good for two days now but I know it’s only the beginning.  Jan suggested downloading My Fitness Pal and I had actually just installed in on my phone a few minutes before I read her comment.  I read some reviews that also recommended the program so I downloaded it and have used it for the past two days.  So far I haven’t exceeded my calorie count of 1200 calories.  I get more calories by exercising so that has helped.  Today Matt and I ate at Chipotle.  I used the app to find what I should eat within my limit.  I went over by 106 calories, but then I walked after Scrabble practice tonight so now I have a surplus of 15 calories. 

It is really cold here.  Well, maybe not as cold as it gets up north, but since I’ve acclimated myself to warmer temps, 45 degrees is cold for me.  We’re supposed to get some sleet tonight, but I’m not sure if it will happen.  I need to go to the store tomorrow, but I don’t have to go early so I’m betting it will move out by the time I get up and dressed.  I’m definitely ready for spring to arrive.

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