Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Food, Friends, Car Shopping

There’s nothing like having company come over that gets me to clean my house.  My friend Brent from Austin came over this weekend so we could go out to dinner.  He hadn’t seen my new place so I at least tidied up some before he came over.  We went to eat at La Gloria and had a great time.  He really enjoyed the food and the margaritas were nice and strong.  I’m so glad that I moved down south so that we can hang out.  Here’s a picture of us while waiting for a table:

lagloriagroup Can you believe that my hair is getting long again?  I think I’ve decided to grow it out, but you know me, I could change my mind at any time. 

So Josh and I went car shopping yesterday.  His car is falling apart – literally.  When he took us to the airport in July to go to nationals, his back window broke where it would not roll up.  So now it’s duct taped.  It would cost about $400 to fix, but there’s still a lot of other issues that need to be addressed and I don’t think it is worth it on a 14 year old car.  We took it to Car Max yesterday and they offered us $1200 for it.  I might get as much or more as a trade-in, but I think I’d rather just get the money from Car Max.  That way I can pay off my credit card and then hopefully I can afford a car payment.  I was pre-approved for a loan by my bank but I may use that information to negotiate a better interest rate with a dealer if I can.  The rate is actually pretty good – 2.44% for a used car at 60 or 72 months.  I’m trying to keep the payment down to about $200.  I’m going to pay for the car while Josh is in school, but he will take over payments when he gets his first job as a music professor. 

We looked at cars while at Car Max but I thought they were a bit overpriced.  We stopped at a Nissan dealership up the road, but nobody even came out to talk to us.  They didn’t have any prices listed on their used cars and we didn’t see anything that interested us so we left.  We went up to a Hyundai dealership next.  Josh test drove a Hyundai Accent which was ok, but it was very simple and again overpriced.  He then test drove an Altima which is what he ultimately wants and loved it.  We talked to the salesman about it and he couldn’t get the payments down to where I needed them so I told him we’d think about it.  At least I think that narrowed down the search to finding an Altima because that is what Josh really liked. 

So last night I searched for Altimas on cars.com.  I think I’ve found one that is a good deal.  It’s $1000 less than the best price we got yesterday and it has lower mileage and is two years newer.  If they will work out a deal where I do not finance more than $15,000 with everything included (taxes, fees, etc) then we’ll seriously look at that car.  We have an appointment to see it around 11:00 this morning.  I have a list of other Altimas available in town as well as several others within a 200 mile radius. 

This is the car we are going to look at first today:



Anonymous said...

Nissan cars are really good. I've many a friend with one. We have a Subaru which I think is just the best for hauling stuff and kids.

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