Monday, August 19, 2013

Worked my Tail off Today

I came home thoroughly exhausted today.  It was a work day for me and that’s all I did.  I moved equipment back to classrooms, pulled textbooks, and made a start on my large book order.  I also lost my school ID badge in the process.  I was in so many places that I couldn’t really backtrack very well.  I sent out an email to the staff to see if landed in someone’s classroom, but haven’t heard from anyone yet.  Tomorrow I have to deliver the rest of the equipment and pull more textbooks.  Yeah, I’m still doing textbooks.  The librarians were told at the end of last school year that we wouldn’t have to do it again, but that didn’t happen.  They did tell us (on Friday no less) that we could hire subs to help us at the beginning and end of the school year.  Of course that was too late for me to get anyone in to work this week. 

We got Josh moved to Houston this weekend.  We loaded the truck on Friday after work and headed out around 7:30.  We got to his apartment by 10:30 and unloaded it.  Matt and I stayed with some of his friends that live there for the evening.  Even though I could have slept in, I was awake at 6:30 of course.  We went to breakfast with his friends and Josh then went to get the truck to return to the rental place.  When I got there, it showed that I drove 900 miles over the amount I was supposed to.  I told them that it was impossible as I drove straight from San Antonio to Houston.  Yeah, I’m going to go joy riding in a large gas guzzling rental truck.  Luckily the agent just gave me unlimited miles so I wouldn’t be charged. 

On Saturday evening we met some friends of mine from Amarillo that were in town and went to dinner.  We ate at a restaurant called the Iron Cactus.  Food and drinks were decent, but the service was slow.  I finally got to sleep in on Sunday.  Matt had to work since he took off on Saturday for moving Josh.  I didn’t do much of anything on Sunday.  I did some laundry and that’s it. 

So today was busy at work and I’m tired and sore.  I think I may go take a hot bath in a little bit.  I did have a bit of a scare last night.  When I got home from the store the air conditioner wasn’t working.  I troubleshot the issue and determined it wasn’t the blower or power to the outside unit.  I finally just turned it off and slept with fans in my room last night.  I turned it back on this morning and it seemed to work and was still working when I got home this evening.  I picked up dinner and now I’m contemplating going to bed extremely early tonight. 

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dkzody said...

I gather students haven't returned yet? Our schools are just changing over to the librarians being in charge of the textbooks and checking them out each fall and back in at the end of the school year.

Fresno schools started yesterday with students in 109 record-breaking heat. Hope you have a cooler start.