Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Josh has a new car

I think I made a good deal today.  After yesterday’s excursion, we decided to focus our search on an Altima.  We looked at the one I posted about yesterday this morning and it seemed to be in good condition.  Josh took it for a test drive.  The company wasn’t a big dealership – it was a smaller used car company.  There wasn’t any haggling with the “let me see what my manager says” crap that usually happens when buying a car.  I thought the price of the car was reasonable as it was.  It was about $1500 below the Kelly Blue Book value.  I got them down another $1000 just by pointing out that there was another car a year newer at that price available at another dealership.  I probably would have bought the car for just a few hundred less than their listed price, but was happy to have a lower monthly payment than I expected.  I’m going to have Josh take it to the Nissan dealership tomorrow and have them take a look at it since it is still under warranty.  So I feel better about him moving to Houston in two weeks with a reliable car. 

I couldn’t sell Josh’s old car to Car Max until his registration sticker came in the mail.  Luckily it came today so I’ll be able to go do that this week.  I’m going to use that money to pay off my credit card.  Matt and I have been talking about living together for a while now.  He is here most of the time and it seems pointless for him to spend rent on an apartment that he rarely uses.  When his lease came up in March he only renewed it for six months.  His original plan was to extend it for another 3 months after that and move in at the end of the year, but he’s going to go ahead and move here in September.  It seems more practical and it would be easier to save money that way.  That’s the reason why I went ahead and bought a car for Josh. 

My vacation is coming to a close too fast.  I went to the the local library today because I had some books due.  I found two more books to read.  Hopefully I can finish them before I go back to work.  Luckily I found out today that I don’t have to do one of the workshops that I was originally going to do.  I have to make some adjustments to my Scrabble workshop that I am doing, but fortunately most of it is already done. 

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Jan said...

The heck with the car....woot! Woot! On the new roomie!