Saturday, August 24, 2013


I got an email last week that stated that I was going to be recognized at Friday’s convocation as a district “champion” and would have special seating at the event.  At first I thought it was just because I had received the foundation grant and that they would be recognizing all those people.  When I got there on Friday though, it was just about 20 people that were being recognized and none of them seem to have been grant winners.  So I had no idea why I was being recognized.  It was kind of awkward sitting there since I didn’t know anyone else around me.  When they finally announced the “champions” it seemed they were announcing people that were nominated or won some district awards during the year.  I thought that it might have been a mistake – maybe they emailed me by accident.  Finally at the end of the teachers they announced my name and mentioned that I had started an innovative Scrabble program and competed at the Scrabble nationals.  I didn’t think that was quite noteworthy, but at least my school cheered loudly for me. 

Students come back Monday.  My library isn’t ready, but it will be closed the first week anyway.  Matt will come in to help on Monday and I may have some hired help as well.  It will be a busy week as always, but a good kind of busy. 

My air conditioner is finally fixed.  It went out again on Wednesday night.  I had someone come out on Thursday to look at it but the price they quoted was fairly expensive.  The air condenser motor was shot and needed to be replaced.  The company wanted $586 for that and tried to talk me into an “overhaul” for $1500.  I told the guy that I’d think about it but I’d have to get more estimates.  I called a friend from Scrabble club who owns rental houses and got the name of another guy to call.  He came out yesterday and said he could replace the motor for $325.  I thought that was a better deal though maybe still a little high.  But to get it fixed right then would be worth it.  He ended up having to put in some Freon which added to the cost, but at least it is up and running.  It was really hot in here night before last.  It was 89 degrees in the house and probably 10 degrees hotter upstairs since the heat rose. 

Well, Matt sent a letter to his mother asking her if she would be interested in us visiting during Thanksgiving.  He finally got her reply:

“I already have plans for Thanksgiving.  Don’t you think you’re about 25 years too late to be bringing someone home?  Can you really have a future with a divorced person?” 

Well, I guess that’s enough.  He won’t try any more and I won’t push him to do so.  I really couldn’t believe that she would be that judgmental about someone she had never met.  So I guess we’ll head to Albquerque for Thanksgiving instead.  At least we will be with family that loves and appreciates us. 


Leann said...

She is an unhappy person to be so condemning of her own child and someone she knows nothing about. Enjoy those who you enjoy! Congrats on being recognized for your efforts.

Bernie Ralph @ Evo-Air said...

A broken air conditioner during summer is always a bad news. How long have you been using your AC, and was this the first time it got broken, by the way? If it's been giving you problems, maybe it's time you consider buying a new one instead.