Thursday, February 16, 2006

Good Morning

Or something like that. I am up with the worms or birds or something. I am heading out to San Antonio this morning. I intend to leave by 6 a.m. which is in 20 minutes or so. So why am I blogging? Well, I haven't blogged in a day or three and I figured my few faithful readers would like a brief update since I will be gone until late Saturday. It is a 9 hour drive and I want to get there before rush hour traffic and I have to get to the convention center before 5:00 to pick up my badge. And for the record... Yes, I will be careful. I really hate it when people say that. O.k. I really don't, but it is pointless, don't you think? I mean what am I going to do? Mmmm.. I think I'm going to just this once be quite careless in driving and go off this bridge just for the fun of it. I am always as careful and cautious as I can be. Now I cannot speak for the other idiotic drivers out there, but I try to keep my eyes peeled for them. I have checked my oil and my tires. I added anti-freeze and windshield washer fluid to my car. And yes, I know where each liquid goes. I even cleaned out my car and vacuumed the floors. And tell me... why do I always want to put two c's in vacuum? O.k. enough is enough. I really have get dressed and out the door in approximately 14 minutes. I'll report back sometime on Sunday.


momacakes said...

I have same problem with the word vacuum! vaccuumm...mmm's also!

Summer said...

I'm just mildly curious about the Christmas tree........ha!