Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hump Day

Mid-week and I am still screaming for Friday to be here. I guess it's because this is an actual full week for me. I have been gone for so many Fridays or both Thursday/Fridays that I already am worn out this week. I came to school this morning and I could not open my office door. My key would not work. I had the teacher from next door check it to make sure it wasn't my imagination. It wasn't. We had the "official" guy come out and he investigated and it turns out that some wonderful child shoved a paper clip in it and broke it off. He was able to dig it out. But I guess I have ticked someone off. Oh well. I guess it goes with the territory. I shouldn't let it get to me, but it does a little. It started out with small things like this the last time I taught before I finally had enough. This semester in general is taking it's toll on me. And honestly, it wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for my 7th period. What a way to end the day, you know?
Tonight I have RCIA but will have to leave early. There is a special concert tonight at 8:00 for my friend's father who is retiring after this year. He is a music professor at the college.
I am on my conference/lunch period right now and I haven't really done a thing. I just don't feel up for it today. I just want to go home. I could use a nap. It's not that I am in a bad mood in particular, I am just in a blah mood. Not good, not bad, just there. One of those days where you want to be anywhere but here.

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Andrew said...

I wish you could talk to my mother who taught for over thirty years. See started teaching in the sixties and retired in the nineties. She has said her later years were just crazy as far as her students were concerned.