Monday, February 13, 2006

Just tired

I came home and had no desire to mess up my still dirty kitchen with more dishes so we ordered out tonight. It was very good and very filling, but now I have that kind of after Thanksgiving feeling of not wanting to move. I took a nap, but still feel really tired. I exhausted my brain today with trying to get my grading done and grades entered into the gradebook. I have to verify grades tomorrow and still have some grading to deal with. (Missing work discovered today)
I also have to get ready for another substitute which generally takes forever. I have a million pounds of laundry to do, but I am at least getting it sorted and have a load in the washer now. I would like to leave a clean house, but that just may not happen.
What else is new? Nothing. I have nothing exciting to share. Life is the same old thing right now. No love interest. This will be the first Valentine's day in probably 7-8 years that I haven't had someone in my life and gotten flowers. But I'm not sad. Just in a state of reflection. Perhaps it's a good place to be in. Though I admit I will miss the flowers. Since 1997 I have either been with Richard (who despite his faults, still did the right thing on special occasions most of the time) or in 2004 I wasn't exactly with anyone at that time but did receive flowers from Steve in Michigan and in 2005 I still had Marty (well sort of). But I am learning to deal with the fact that relationships aren't everything and I really need to learn to just do my own thing now. I pray for guidance in that area almost daily. It's time grade some papers and continue with the laundry. It's still the story of my life.

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