Sunday, February 12, 2006

I am home

I am back from Vegas. It was quite uneventful, but nice to just be away. The only gambling I did was a dollar in a slot machine at the airport. One of the teachers I work with gave me a dollar to put in a machine for him and so I made sure I did that before heading home. He/I didn't win a thing. I didn't drink, gamble or even shop. I went to the shot show, ran credit cards for my uncle, read books, graded papers, and played solitaire. Tonight I must get caught up with grades, but I think a nap is coming on soon. Travelling is exhausting you know?
This week I have to get ready to go to San Antonio and hear Josh play. Luckily some money has come my way so I can make the trip. I'll post more later when I get a chance.

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Summer said...

Welcome Home!