Thursday, February 09, 2006

Off to Sin City

Strangely enough last night in RCIA we talked about sin and confession. I doubt I'll get into much trouble on my upcoming trip to Vegas. I probably won't even gamble except maybe a few bucks in some slots. But I am looking forward to just getting away. Technically it's a working trip, but if it's anything like last time, the work shouldn't be difficult. Dealing with credit card transactions and making change. School is wearing me out and I could tell that my kids were in the same boat that I am right now. I know my lessons aren't always exciting, but they could barely keep their eyes open today. It was interesting though when we played with the legos. I am supposed to be at choir practice right now, but I just have too much to do before leaving dark and early in the morning. Tonight when I got home we immediately went to pick up my cousin who is visiting from San Diego. She desperately wanted to go eat at Taco Villa. (They don't have those where she lives.) We also had to go pick up Josh's piano book. He had his first lesson yesterday. After dinner we headed to Walmart to get some things for Josh before I leave for a couple of days. I won't be posting for the next couple of days since I won't have access to a computer... so stay tuned.

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