Saturday, September 20, 2008

Have you missed me?

Sorry for the lack of posts. The last week has been extremely busy. I did, however, finish my first major paper for grad school. I think I did fairly well on it which scares me because I usually don't think I do well and then it turns out I did something amazing. So now that I think I did well, it could turn out that I actually sucked... but we'll see. My paper was 16 pages which was 12 1/4 typed, a title page, an appendix, and a works cited page. I think I fully covered what they wanted, but I guess it will be a wait and see issue. Now I have to focus on the other class and finish several journal entries that are due next Friday. I finished another book today and then went to the library to view two journals that I had to compare. I copied down a lot of information but then realized I had to get to a Baptism so I had to rush out.
The Baptism was very lovely and afterwards there was a nice reception at a bed an breakfast. Now I'm home and have to make something for dinner. Then its back to work. I need to get three more journals written and then I'll be close to being finished. Then I need to finish reading the rest of the text book so I can take a quiz before the 25th. It covers 11 chapters. Not to mention the other books I need to start reading for the second set of journals... not to mention school stuff, yearbook stuff, and everything else.
I am discovering how much I like being IN school again. I guess I'm kind of a weirdo in that respect, but I've always seem to enjoy the learning process. I just don't think I'm very good and teaching others what I've learned... which I know is strange to hear a teacher say. When I read some of the journal prompts for my class I started out panicking but as I get into them, it's really not so bad. The journal I worked on today was to find and examine two book review journals and compare them in several aspects. I thought it would be difficult, but I found that it really was no big deal. Even though it takes a lot of work to write a paper, I found that I enjoy the process of it - despite nitpicking it to death and not knowing when to just STOP writing. But I do like learning. I guess I do like homework. I don't care much for chapter reading, but the general reading for my children's lit class has actually been great. I've discovered some wonderful new books and am excited to read more... if I can just find the time.
Teaching school on the other hand is just going o.k. It's not great, it's not bad... it's just there right now. I have been totally focused on cleaning out the storage room all week and am almost there. I think I'm going to go up tomorrow and finish what I can even though I should be doing some grad school stuff. I just don't feel like I can get much done until I have things in their places where they should be. There was so much stuff (junk) in the storage room. And I know all the dust and dirt that covered every square inch did not help my cold or allergies or whatever, but I had to do something. I'm not in the sneezing miserable mode right now, but I do have a somewhat nasty cough and my lung capacity doesn't feel like I'm at 100%... maybe 80%. The administrators are going on and on about this new quantum learning thing which is really great... but I really don't have time to focus on it right now. I am barely keeping my head on.
I think that if there is a library opening anywhere in the Panhandle next year that I'm going to apply for it. I do like the district I'm in and they have been very supportive, but I feel like I can't get anything done because I have to teach four different classes. I know, I know... I should learn to say "no." But really this year I'm doing it for the money. I had to add Josh onto my dental insurance, but even with paying for that, I'm getting an extra $143 a month in my pay check. Even if it is an elementary library, I feel like it would be a better situation.
Well, I guess I've rambled on enough. As far as a Marty update... not much to tell... things are still going well. We're beyond friends at this point, but not quite full relationship mode either. It's hard to explain. Basically, Marty doesn't need or want any pressure of the relationship label so I'm not going to put any pressure on him in that regard. He'll know when he's ready to make the full commitment. (And I think he will at some point.) At this point we're both only interested in each other and no plans to look elsewhere so I think that is positive. And it's only 40 more days until I get to see him.... Woo Hoo!

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Anonymous said...

To answer the initial question - yes.
A lot of work ... I do not have difficulties to stop writing (in fact I am pretty laconic in my scientific texts), I find it very hard to start. I like to do recherche, to search, find and filter material and put it together, to get an image, and then I should write. It became better of the years and especially when I had to deliver for a magazine one article every six weeks, I developed a kind of routine, but that was writing for un-professionals within a publication that was made by a public relations departement, totally different from academic writing.
Take care for your lungs. When you have difficulty with breathing there may be an infection, coughing up something nasty in yellow is a fair sign, time for antibiotics and a lot of waterdrinking.
Yes, a library ... hope you'll find one.