Friday, September 12, 2008

still just tired

It's been a long week. I wish my life were more organized, but that is just wishful thinking. Right I'm functioning by dealing with what needs to be done right now and just doing one thing at a time. I make a lot of lists, but I'm not sure if any of them get done. I'm trying to do graduate school reading, but being very tired at night makes it difficult. I've read all the "small" books that I have right now and now I'm into the second "chapter" book. I have a paper to write for one of my classes and I have all the materials but have yet to start putting it together. It was due on Tuesday next week, but the deadline has been extended due to hurricane Ike. Even though I'll get a few more days, I'm going to try to get it finished this weekend. I'm going to go up to the WT library tomorrow and work on the papers and such. There's something about getting away from home in the peace of library that tends to inspire me more than sitting here in my office.
I'm potentially making plans to see Marty the weekend of Halloween. It's the only affordable price I could get at a time when I can take off from school. I'm still waiting to hear from him if he has checked the calendar to see if he can take the time off.
I went to bed before 9:00 last night. I think I'm getting a cold of some sort and it is wiping me out. Tonight I won't be going to bed until at least 10 so I can watch Monk and Psych. I may watch a couple of episodes of Heroes first or take a nap. I'm undecided at the moment.

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