Monday, September 08, 2008

Just another Monday but not Manic... yet

The day was o.k. but not much to write about. I did get a few things marked off my list today. I am ready for picture day which is this Thursday. I am taking the day off on Wednesday to go to a yearbook workshop. It won't be all day, but I'm taking the whole day since my sub will have to be there all day regardless. I hope that I can get some things done that afternoon. I still have journals to write and hope to find some time to focus on that. I could be doing it right now, but I'm tired and I kind of want to just take it easy for a little bit.
I rushed home after school since I had to go to a senior parent meeting at 5:45. I didn't have time to cook anything so I made some popcorn for dinner. I went to the meeting and didn't learn much of anything new except they want $75 for all the non-school sponsored senior stuff like the dinner dance and senior party. It seems to be a never-ending money pit this year. It was also open house so I had quick visits with Josh's teachers and they all said good things about him. They all indicated that he was very smart and all seemed to like him.
Now I'm home and Marty isn't online. I'm sure he's enjoying his time in Orlando with some of his work buddies, but I miss talking to him. On top of that he got to go to Universal Studios today and that just sucks. I'm happy that he's having fun, but I should be there with him! I'm still trying to work out a trip to see him, but the airline prices are ridiculous right now. The only reasonable flights are of course not during the holidays but that means I have to take personal days and then I'm limited to the amount of time I can be there and so I'm trying weigh the justifications of the cost versus the amount time and none of seems to equate for me. I do want to see him, but I'm not going to spend an arm and leg to do it. Of course he's worth it, but I also know that he understands. It's not life or death and if I don't get to see him until January I'll survive. I just wish the gas prices and everything weren't so atrocious right now.
Well, now I'm debating about watching Heroes and NOT doing stuff I should be doing or forcing myself to read a fairly boring chapter in one of my grad school books. Hmmm... I wonder which one is going to win out. I do know that it will probably be an early night for me.


abbagirl74 said...

Well, I am glad to hear you are making progress. On the vacation trip, could you both meet somewhere in the middle? Perhaps a nice romantic getaway in Mississippi or Alabama? You could meet each other halfway. Maybe driving a day would be more feasible?

Leann said...

So which one won out? :-)

Anonymous said...

I heared in the news that some tornado is coming to Texas. I hope it will not affect you.