Friday, September 26, 2008

Glad the weekend is here

...not that I'll get much rest, but it will be great to sleep in tomorrow morning. On Thursday this week I woke up thinking it was Friday and was disappointed to finally realize that it wasn't. I finished the journals for my Children's Lit class. They turned out to cover 11 pages single spaced. I guess I am too wordy but I didn't feel like I fully answered the questions otherwise. Some of the other entries I read were far shorter. I had to spend some time putting in html coding in the entry so that it would post correctly. I'm glad I checked it today to make sure that it was formatted. Turns out that the "preview" isn't accurate when working on the post.
I had to stay after school today to work the sophomore class supper. I had to fill cups with tea for an hour. I really only worked for about 30 minutes and sat around the other 30 minutes. I came home and was going to run by Sonic for supper, but I realized that my journals weren't formatted correctly, so I spent time fixing that before heading to the game. I cannot tell you how amazing my son is. I know that I am totally biased, but he just has this presence as a drum major. He is kind of wild and crazy and goofy, but at the same time he knows his stuff and is an amazing conductor. I took my book to read during the game, but when the band played the stand tunes I had to stop and watch him. He has so much fun. I love watching the band's half time show. I cannot tell you how much it gets to me. Of course I love watching Josh conduct but the music is amazing as well. They are playing Dvorak's New World Symphony. When the horn player plays the solo at the end my eyes welled up with tears. Music is what gets to me every time. How I wish I could be a part of it every day. I know I ultimately chose the wrong career. I probably should have stayed a music business major (despite hating the business classes with a passion). I do have hopes, however, that one day I might be able to work as a music librarian which is one of the reasons why I'm trying to get my certification and degree. I would have to get a separate degree in Music Library Science, but its a possibility. If they offered that degree online, I'd be going that direction. Unfortunately, I would have to physically attend classes so that would require a move on my part. But you never know what will happen or where I'll end up.
I haven't been able to talk to Marty much in the last few days. I've missed our chats but he understands and we just deal with it. I am still excited about my upcoming trip. I just hope I can manage my grad school coursework in the meantime. I'm going to spend almost all day tomorrow working on stuff and try to get caught up in my other class that I've neglected. I have to take a test in my Children's lit class, but still have a chapter and a half to read. I'll do that first thing in the morning (or mid-morning depending on my wake up time).
I thought I would be awake this evening since I had a coke at the game, but I'm feeling pretty tired so I'm going to head to my comfy bed.

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Leann said...

Reading the pride you have in your son is wonderful. Mine continually surprise me.