Thursday, September 04, 2008

Another full day

I made it to school on time for once. I was tired this morning though. I had a weird kind of scary dream that woke me up and I couldn't go to sleep easily after that. I dreamed I was driving at night and all of sudden my car lost power and control. So I woke up around 4 or 5 and also realized I was chilly. The temperatures are starting to drop here at night so I know fall is coming. I still feel frenzied at school. I still feel like I have a million things to do and can't get caught up on anything. I've put grad school stuff on hold for the moment and hope I can make up the time on the weekends. I know I've bitten off more than I can chew and I'm just trying to figure out what is going to give.
During my first conference period I went to two other elementary libraries and picked up some books that I need to read for my grad school class. Then I had lunch and my afternoon classes. During my second conference I took care of some email business and some research for my other grad school class. After school I visited with my principal and he isn't rejecting my trip.. yet. He said that he needs to wait for federal funds before he can give me an answer but he's going to try to do it. I also got him to take care of the parking ticket I got. I asked him some library questions that I can use in the paper I have to write next week. I left school early (for me) around 4:30 and came home and picked up Sonic for dinner. I read a couple of the books while waiting. (Most are young children's books) The football game this week was tonight instead of Friday and it's between my alma mater and the school I teach at. I sat on the home town side but enjoyed getting to see the Hereford band play as well. After half-time I went over to the other side and visited with the band director over there and saw some of my students. I took a book to read which is one of the longer books and I'm really enjoying it so far. I do like to read but I feel usually that I don't have enough time.
I'm trying to decide whether or not to make plans to go visit Marty during Christmas break. He's opened the invitation and I'm checking prices on flights. I could stay for about a week which I think would be good to spend that kind of time with him. As far as our relationship goes, I think it is progressing despite the fact that we're still not "officially" dating and we still just talk via the internet or the phone. But we talk every night and he says enough things that indicate to me that he's still very much into me... if that makes sense. He still has a little jealousy when I mention someone I went out with once and he still flirts with me. It's a lot of little things that is hard to point out. But take this evening for example. I had to rush to leave and sent him a quick message online telling him that I was heading out. He didn't respond because he was cooking but I told him good night since I knew he'd be in bed by the time I got home. He made a point to call me when he saw that he missed the message so that he could tell me good night. And the other night when I didn't get home until late and only had a little time to chat with him, he did say that he missed me. So Marty is my one constant right now that keeps a smile on my face.
Well, it's still past my bedtime so I need to head to bed. I have duty tomorrow morning so I need to make sure I get up in time for that.


Terri said...

Hi Anabel; hope you get the ok for the trip and grad school schedule doesn't bring you down too much! Hang in there.

abbagirl74 said...

A trip on your break would be just what you will need after the first half of a busy school year. Sounds like things are falling into place. Take it one day at a time!

Summer said...

I have no idea HOW you do what you do. I'm in awe. I like this news about Marty. A lot.