Thursday, September 03, 2009

Getting overwhelmed again

Time to catch up a little. I thought that giving up the speech team would mean that my schedule wouldn't be as bad. Adding English to the schedule just might kill me though. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. I have no idea how to teach Beowulf. Of course it would probably be better if I actually read it first. The last two weeks haven't been too bad, but I'm falling totally behind. I have four weeks to cover six weeks of materials for English which in reality should take about 12 weeks. I don't know what kind of teachers created C-Scope, but they are insane or they all have college level classes that they teach. I don't think they understand that my standard students will need much more time to complete assignments.

I finally got my textbooks ordered for my college classes. That was nightmarish. One of the books I needed seemed to be back ordered everywhere. I finally went directly to the publisher and it should be delivered tomorrow. The other came today via Amazon. I haven't really started the classes because I was waiting on the books. I'll focus more on them this weekend. I think they are going to be very daunting this semester. It's definitely getting more difficult.

I found out that my district wants me to get certified in journalism which means I have to take the state test for it. They'll reimburse me for what I spend on it. If I pass, then they'll pay for the cost to add that certification on my state record. I told our personnel director though, that I was working on my Library certification and she was very excited to hear that. I told her that I only planned to do what I'm doing for two more years. She asked if I planned to stay in the district and I said "As long as I get a library job."

Josh seems to be doing well in college. He loves his classes, but is bored in theory and piano. His dorm rooms are freezing. He's using his top sheet, a flannel throw, and comforter when he sleeps and he says it's still cold. The food, he says, is actually pretty good. He is actually "complaining" that there's too many good desserts. (He's a strange kid that doesn't want to eat too much sugar.) Today I got a text about the fact that they have chocolate donuts for breakfast that are quite good. Donuts are probably Josh's biggest weakness. He hasn't found a workstudy job yet. He's putting in applications and hopes to hear something soon. It turns out that Josh is only one of two students accepted into the composition program this year. Pretty impressive, huh?

As for the dating front, there's a few frustrations but it's still going well. I got a bit irked at him this weekend because he left town to go camping with no warning. Not that that in itself is bad, but I told him I'd be calling him when I got back from my meeting on Saturday (he called me while I was driving and I couldn't talk then) and then he was just gone. I didn't hear from him until Monday evening. I probably shouldn't have gotten worked up about it, but I did. Eventually I explained why I was upset and then moved on. We still haven't met in person and had hopes of doing so this weekend, but it won't happen. He has to work on Labor day which makes it impossible. So not it won't be until the end of September before we meet. We've still had some good conversations. I think he's already fallen for me more than I have for him, but he understands my reservations. My issue now is to see if the chemistry continues when we meet in person. It is nice, though, to talk to a guy that seems to be genuinely interested in me. That wants to know me. That wants to be with me. That thinks I'm attractive. That thinks my ex-husband was an idiot for letting me go. What more could I ask for? No, he's not perfect, but neither am I. And he accepts and wants me despite that fact. So now I'm anxious to finally be with him and am trying to muster up my patience.

Now I've got to figure out what I'm going to do in my classes tomorrow. Thankfully it's Friday with a three day weekend. Doesn't mean it will be easy. I have a lot of work lined up. Grad school classwork and lesson plans to prepare.

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Cin said...

I remember Beowulf from school!

I am glad to hear that Josh is doing good in college. I bet you are so proud of him!

I hope things will work out with you and the new man. Keep us updated!