Friday, July 30, 2010

Date Report

I guess I can call it date.  We met for drinks at a local restaurant.  We planned to meet and have dessert but they only had a “late night” menu at 8:30 – go figure.  So we each had a drink and talked.  Then we went to Braum’s for ice cream.  He paid at both places though I made the attempt to get my wallet at the restaurant.  We visited for about 3 hours in total and it was nice.  He seems very down to earth.  Though I tried to avoid talking about the big three no-no’s on the first date (religion, politics, and exes) he did mention some things about his exes.  Nothing bad or too detailed.  I ended up making a few statements about my own – again, nothing too detailed.  Mostly we talked about work.  Since he works for the district where I teach we have that common ground.  He is pretty high up in the ranks there and wanted to know some of my thoughts on how the district could be improved.  He did give me the caveat that he would never repeat anything I said without direct permission.  We ended the evening around 10:30 since he still had to work today.  I gave him a hug before leaving and we decided to set up a plan to play Scrabble next week.  

It’s kind of nice to be back in the dating world.  Don’t know if this will go anywhere but I think at the least we’ll become friends.  My subscription to eharmony will be up tomorrow and I’m going to cancel it.  I just don’t see a lot of benefits from it.  I’ll keep the membership until it runs out and then I give it up for a while. 

In other news, I’m almost finished with my draft 4 of my grad school project.  Just need to write a couple of paragraphs today.  I’m ready to be done.  I need to pay bills today and do some house cleaning.  Not sure if the house cleaning will get done.  But I should start now.  I definitely want to start the school year with a clean house… it makes for a better start in general.  Guess I’ll go see if I can scrounge something up for lunch.


63mago - sorry, blogger allows me not in said...

Sounds not bad. I think you enjoyed the company - good!

Patti said...

Sounds like a nice evening. (Been checking out your blog, having seen a link from the 4th Avenue Blues page.)


Annabel said...

Thanks for reading Patti. I'm trying to be a better blogger these days.