Saturday, July 24, 2010

The mundane

This should bring joy to Andrew since this is what he says he loves about my blogging.  Life is just that – very mundane at the moment.  Of course there is a reason for my blogging.  I have a paper due Monday and I am expertly putting it off.  Once again I lack focus but as always, I tend to thrive under stress.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute to get stuff done, huh?

I survived the three days in the dorm but I didn’t like it much.  I hated having to guess at when the bathroom might be available since I had to share it with my roommate as well as the two students next to us – which is very awkward altogether.  My students did well at camp.  We came up with our theme idea and many plans for reorganizing our book next year.  I have the hope that we’ll be doing it as we go and will submit pages early this year.  I might be dreaming of course, but it’s a possibility.  My staff placed 3rd in theme development and we received a $25 gift certificate to Target.  Not sure how we’ll spend it but I’m sure we’ll find a use for it.

I got a surprise email from one of the guys that I had been in contact with via eharmony.  I hadn’t heard from him in a month in a half so I assumed he lost interest.  But maybe it was the wrong assumption – or I was right and the other person he took interest in fizzled… who knows, but he emailed me and asked when we could play scrabble.  I told him to let me know when he’s free after Monday and we could get together.  He’s a bit beyond the age range I originally planned as he’s 12 years older than me.  And it could be awkward as he works for the same district that I do, but it’s just a game of scrabble, right? 

I’ve been in contact with another guy in New Mexico through but it still isn’t really going anywhere.  He emails me if I email him and his responses are relatively short and there’s not much to indicate that he has an interest in me.  Another guy emailed me and I have a dilemma on whether to email him back.  He is very much not my type.  I hate to sound judgmental because I hate it when others judge me but the biggest issue I have is that he put that he smokes occasionally.  For me that is a deal breaker altogether.  He’s a truck driver/race car driver as well.  That doesn’t bother me so much but his writing style was a concern.  I don’t know if I should politely say “no thanks” because of the smoking issue, ignore the email (as most guys do with me), or what. 

Now I’ve got to decide whether I’m going to try to get to the library to work for a couple of hours today or just do my best at home.  I find that I focus a little better away from home, but at the library, I can’t get internet service on my computer and sometimes I need to do a little more research.  Maybe I’ll make a Sonic run and sit in my car and at least finish the reading on my research articles.  I do enjoy having a cream slush while I peruse the research.

I do need to get busy though as I have plans tomorrow evening.  I’ve been invited to dinner to my friend Mary’s house who is the choir director for my church.  She and her husband want me to help them convert some word perfect files so that they can be opened in Microsoft word.  Then my dad wants Josh and I to go to Wonderland Park.  That will be fun as I’ll get to ride a sort of new coaster.  It is new to the park, but I’ve ridden it before when it was in a different location. 

So that’s my life at the moment.  I’m still staying up late – usually past midnight and sleeping in mornings.  I should figure out lunch and get going on my paper.  Ugh.


Anonymous said...

"My muse is my mortgage ..."

Leann said...

I look forward to hearing about the e-harmony and thing. It's always a dilema for me when to let it lie and when to respond. The politeness vs expected thing.