Monday, July 26, 2010

Paper done

The short paper is done at least.  I did not want to get it done.  I kept putting it off.  Once again I turned what I think is not my best work, but maybe it will be ok.  I took a tylenol p.m. last night and it knocked me out and I did not want to get up this morning.  I originally planned to get up around 8:00 and head up to the school at 8:30 and get back to town by 10:00 and work on the paper.  I was so tired that I didn’t wake up until 9:00 or so and then I didn’t even get up until around 9:45.  So I went to the library instead and worked until 12:45, came home and had a quick lunch then went up to the school so I could turn in a travel request.  I had to make a stop at the bus barn and admin building and then I headed home to work on the paper.  I had the bulk of it finished, but still needed to do the source citations and the abstract.  At 5:00, Josh and I went to dinner at my church choir director’s house.  They wanted me to show them how to convert word perfect files to word .doc files.  It was easy enough and then we had spaghetti for dinner.  We had a nice visit and then I came back to make final corrections on the paper.  I participated in a brief class chat and then uploaded the paper.  I was tired of dealing with it.  I hate it when my total words are limited.  I had to keep it under 1000 words. 

So now I’ve got to focus on draft four of my final project for the class.  I have to turn in the draft by Friday and final copy the following Friday.  Then I’ll have a week off before I go back to school.  But I’ll probably be going up to school anyway. 

Let’s see… haven’t heard back from the school district guy – so maybe I was right in that he’s not interested.  I am, however, in communication stages with four guys on eharmony which is a first I think.  I’d honestly be surprised if any of them pan out, but I think because it’s a “free communication” week is why it’s going on.  I’m going to end my subscription at the end of the week any way.  I think it would be nice to just go on one date.  That would probably solve my dating desires.  The last “blind” date I went on was disastrous.  Dating sucks.  I think I’d rather have an arranged marriage at this point.  Maybe not even that.  I really don’t know what I want. 

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