Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Quiet Christmas

Not that past Christmas’s have been relatively loud, it was just rather uneventful.  Josh and I had the Christmas eve Mass on Friday.  I sang in the choir and Josh played clarinet.  It was a nice service and the music was really good.  We came home and decided to open presents Christmas eve since Josh was going to go play at the Christmas day Mass.  I went over to my friend Kirsten’s for a bit to give her present to her.  I visited a while and then came home.  Then Josh and I opened presents.  He even filled my stocking which I think was a first in a very long time.  I got Josh some items that were on his Amazon wish list such as some orchestral scores, music books and a CD.  I also got him a Weather calendar (which is a traditional present) and as a surprise, I got him a GPS for his car.  He has gotten turned around and lost a couple of times on his way back home so I thought the GPS would be beneficial.  Josh got me books and put candy in my stocking.  Matthew and I exchanged gifts on Monday before I took him to the airport.  He got me a silver necklace with a treble clef from James Avery, two candles, and a really pretty journal.  I gave him a scarf that I crocheted, a book (The Five People You Meet in Heaven), a movie (The Sting – which is his favorite), an mp3 player (Sansa clip) that I put some music on for him, and a book I created for him.  He seemed to like it but I couldn’t really tell.  I don’t know if he’s listened to the music or not yet.  It kind of frustrates me because we’ve barely communicated since he’s been gone.  I’m trying to not let it bother me.  I know he’s spending time with family and has been busy, but I thought he’d at least call me at some point. 

Christmas day was just another day for the most part.  I slept in and then made some breakfast shortly before Josh got back from Church.  Then I did nothing for the most part.  I read some, got on the computer, napped, watched t.v., and then made supper for Josh and a couple of his friends.  I made fettucine alfredo with chicken, salad, and rolls. 

Today Josh and I played at Mass again.  I came home and napped.  And read, and web surfed, and watched t.v. … again.  I need to start getting some work done.  Tomorrow I plan to work on school stuff.  I also need to go shopping at some point.  I have some Kohl’s gift cards to spend as well.  I’ve been eating and eating as well and that will need to stop soon or I’ll gain back the weight I lost last year.  I’m still debating the Kindle purchase.  I do want an e-reader, but reading the reviews hasn’t convinced me yet. I’ll give it more thought tonight and try to make a decision soon. 

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And - snap! - and it's Monday and all will move normally again ...