Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So I lied

I didn’t get back to work on Monday as planned.  I went to the grocery store and got stuff to make dinner for Josh’s friends again, then I locked myself in my room and read, watched t.v., and surfed the web.  Yesterday I cleaned my desk and then went shopping with a friend.  I had $65 in Kohl’s gift cards to spend and I spent all of it plus another $25.  But I got three sweaters, a pair of jeans, a pair of khaki pants, and a jacket.  We then went to the mall and I bought a pair of black jeans.  After that we went to Target and I bought a pair of sweats – I don’t have any that aren’t stained or have holes in them.  We then went to Applebee’s for dinner.  I had a perfect margarita which was very yummy and a steak with shrimp for dinner.  My dinner was very good but they messed up my friend’s order.  She asked for a special salad but didn’t want the pico de gallo but when they brought it they said they couldn’t get all the pico off which is ridiculous.  She tried eating it, but couldn’t stand it with the onions in it.  She sent it back and got a plain ceasar salad with chicken.  The service was really slow as well.  So I came home and didn’t do much of anything and tried going to bed around 10 after taking one tylenol p.m.   I was still awake by 12:30 so I took another.  I didn’t get to sleep until sometime after 2:00. 

I slept in this morning and now I’m trying to get myself out the door and to the school to work.  It’s not going very well.  Matthew texted me today.  Turns out his cell phone doesn’t get service at his house in Indiana.  When he moved to Texas he switched to Sprint from Verizon and now he doesn’t get a signal so I only hear from him when he’s headed into town or something.  He did say that he missed me and that he wished he would have booked his return flight to come home a few days earlier.  He will get in late Saturday and I’ll be picking him up from the airport. 

Well, I guess I should put some clothes on and get my butt out of this bed.  I think I’ll pick up some lunch and head to the school and see if I can motivate myself to get some work done. 

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