Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two Days of Nothing

I have spent the last two days basically doing nothing.  I really had the intention to go up to school and work, but my motivation just isn’t there.  I have read books instead.  I found a new author that I think I like.  I need to go back to the earlier books and see how they begin.  I took Matthew to the airport on Sunday.  I’m feeling like things are a little off with him, but I’m hoping that he is just needing his vacation time and nothing more.  I can’t really explain it right now, but it’s that intuition that I have that is usually right in some way.  I figured that I wouldn’t really hear from him much, but he has texted me some.  Yesterday I braved the crowds and went to Best Buy and the mall.  It wasn’t horrible, but I didn’t stay out long.  At Penny’s I got Josh some tank shirts that he wanted and I found a new dressy dress for me to wear at the Koobraey awards at school.  Today I didn’t even get out of the house.  I wore my pajamas most of the day and then changed into sweats.  I cooked some dinner and even ruined the rice a roni.  I’m almost finished with my second book in two days.  I do need to get up to the school tomorrow, but I’m not sure how long I’ll stay.  I’m feeling a little guilty – but not so much that I’m doing anything about it.  I’m going to finish my book tonight and just see what tomorrow brings.

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Hap Joy Free said...

Anabel: Matthew may be feeling the need to go to his "cave". Read "Men are from mars, Women are from Venus". Bradshaw writes that when men get close to a woman, gets intimate, he needs rebond time, like a rubber band, to be alone and reflect. its actually a good thing, as he will return! Google it....take care!