Thursday, December 23, 2010

Still Unmotivated

It’s 11:30 in the morning and I’m still in bed.  I’m awake, of course, but I have not really gotten out of bed other than to go to the bathroom, let the cat in and out, and feed the cat who thought she was going to die of starvation.  I stayed up until around 1:00 a.m. last night watching t.v. and reading.  I did go up to the school yesterday to see if I could access the yearbook files.  I could access half of them, so I started copying them over.  I thought about going back up today but it might be pointless until I can get to the first half of the files where I hope the pictures I’m needing are. 

I didn’t hear from Matthew all day yesterday, but did get a text this morning and it sounds like he was busy all day doing things for his parents like shoveling snowing, plumbing things, etc.  Perhaps HapJoy is right and he just needs his cave time.  I have read the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus but it was a long time ago.  I think there’s more than the cave thing though.  He’s still waffling on the relationship itself.  I’m just not sure which way he’s going to go at this point.  But I’m just hanging in there to see what will happen.  Perhaps now instead of attracting perverts, I only attract the commitment-phobic men. 

Tonight I have our last choir rehearsal and then tomorrow is Christmas eve Mass.  I’ve still be reading a bit these days which is nice.  I read two of Lee Child’s books which feature a character named Jack Reacher.  I love series books with a continuing character so now I want to go back and read all the other books.  But then I look at my bookshelf and realize that I have way too many books.  So now I’m thinking that maybe I need a Kindle.  But then I was planning to hold out and get an iPad in the spring after my tax refund comes in.  But then I’ve been reading about eReaders and many people swear by Kindle even when they have iPads because the iPad can get really heavy compared to the Kindle and the iPad is difficult to read in bright light.  So now I’m thinking about getting the Kindle, but wondering if I need just the wireless or pay the extra $50 for the 3G capability.  I think that in most scenarios, I wouldn’t need the  3G because I would purchase books from home before going on trips or I would probably have access in hotels and such.  But then there would be that one time that I needed it and wouldn’t have it – but I don’t know.  It’s just so confusing.  But I’ve been looking at buying used copies of the books I want, and by the time I pay for shipping, it is almost as much as it would cost as an eBook and they wouldn’t take up more room.  Still not sure, but if you have a Kindle, iPad, or other eReader, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


ellesu said...

Hi! I had to chime in and tell you that I have a Kindle, and I love, love it. I have a K2 (almost 2 years old) and mine is connected to Sprint (I think) 24/7 - I can download books sitting at home or on the interstate. I had never used an ereader before my Kindle and didn't know if I'd like it, but I was instantly hooked. It's so nice to be able to get rid of all those books that were hanging around waiting to be dusted. You probably know this but Kindle's web browser is clunky for Internet searches - you can do it, but it isn't fun. I've checked my email on it and found directions on map quest while traveling down the interstate, so it's possible (but, again - it's frustrating). The browser works wonderfully for accessing Amazon and downloading books, though. :)

I agree with you about the iPad. I'd like one and I hear the iPad's ereader is exceptional, but if you're a dedicated reader, my vote is for a Kindle.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Annabel! I hope you will have a nice mass this evening.
I'm sorry, I can say nothing about the electronic books, never used such a device.
My best wishes for you.