Wednesday, January 26, 2011

and now I’m sick

Is it any wonder that I’m sick?  I started getting a sore throat on Monday.  Tuesday it turned into a cough.  I couldn’t go to the doctor on Tuesday because I was staying for the school board meeting and dinner with Matthew.  The meeting took forever – 2 1/2 hours. So it was a later dinner and I didn’t get home until 10:30.   I went to bed and woke up coughing more and starting to get hoarse.  I called my doctor at 9:30 from school and made an appointment for right after school.  Now I have an antibiotic and my ambien has been refilled. 

Tomorrow I have drive a group of kids down to Odessa for the Academic Decathlon meet.  They’re not ready, but they don’t really have any competition since we’re the only 4A school competing.  They’d like to get a wildcard spot for the state meet, but probably won’t make it.  So I’ll be gone for four days. 

Matthew went to Dallas for an interview today and the text I got from him said that he felt better about it than he did the last interview and he’s very interested in the job.  They’re doing callbacks for finalists on Friday.  He’ll find out tomorrow if he’s a finalist.  After talking to him last night, he said that if he got the job in Dallas, that he would definitely want to continue to pursue a relationship with me.  If it is elsewhere that is farther away, we would sit and have a long talk about it.

I won’t get to see Matthew for over a week.  I’ll be gone until Sunday and then he leaves Sunday to go to Austin until Wednesday next week.  We may go to Albuquerque next weekend though.  My aunt and uncle are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary and their church is throwing a surprise reception for them. 

I’m going to finish my dinner and then probably go read for a while.  I’m now on the third book of the series I’m reading on my Kindle.  I’m doing laundry and will need to pack and then I’ll probably call it an early night. 


Anonymous said...

you go to a doctor and get antibiotics for colds? I hope you get better soon!

Annabel said...

I think it is more than a cold because it is deep in my chest. I would say it is a respiratory infection... so I hope the antibiotic works soon... so far it hasn't.

Anonymous said...

bummer! I hope it will start working quickly indeed. Get well soon:)