Monday, January 31, 2011

Bitter Cold

I have say that I hate being cold.  And we’re in for a winter storm warning along with a Wind Chill warning where the wind is supposed to blow around 50 mph tomorrow with a potential wind chill of 25 below zero.  I have the heat up in my house, the extra heater turned on my bedroom, my waterbed heat on, and a heating pad awaiting me.  I don’t want to jinx anything by remaking on the fact that it would be nice to have school canceled tomorrow, but who knows what will happen.  Both the superintendent and assistant superintendent are out of town (in Austin, no less) so I’m not sure who gets to make the call on the weather.  But we’re supposed to have whiteout conditions with the wind – but you never know what will really happen.  I could use the day to catch up, but I’ll plan on just bundling up for now.  I have my long john underwear ready. 

In the good news arena, the yearbooks arrived today so I’ll get to start passing those out.  I only briefly glanced at it since I’m still tired of looking at the pages.  In the bad news area, I found myself with a very intense back pain today and I have no idea what caused it.  I didn’t wake up with the pain, nor did I feel it in the shower.  I only felt it when I put on my socks today and it was just suddenly there.  And it didn’t go away.  And it got pretty bad this morning.  I took 3 tylenol and it only helped slightly.  It finally felt a little better by this afternoon, but still not completely gone.  It is very strange. 

Matthew and I had a lengthy text discussion about grading students today.  He’s for the idea of not allowing students to fail with a D or F, but instead they get an “NY” which means they have “not yet” mastered the subject.  While I agree with the idea that if students just need more time to understand a subject they should get it, the main reason my students fail is due to laziness and an “NY” as a grade just keeps giving them more chances – which is what they already have now as they are in mandatory tutorials if they fail for a six weeks.  I just wonder if not allowing students to actually fail is more of a disservice to them since college and life doesn’t regularly give people 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chances. 

Well, I took some tylenol (one being a tylenol p.m.) and I’m going to go read until I can’t stay awake.  I do hope for the snow day tomorrow, but won’t hold my breath.  We have to have highways shut down before school will be closed. 


Patti said...

LOL, I took a Sociology of Education course last year, where we talked about not failing kids who are not meeting the requirements; and how that completely sets them up to be shocked when they get to college/university, because they truly believe they are above average. No one has told them they are failing.

The first semester is a killer.... and their parents are upset too.

Of course, parents aren't happy if high school teachers fail their kids either, so it's no fun either way.

Leann said...

I agree that it is doing the students a disservice in preparing them for the real world.

I have read of the storm you are suppose to get and I hope you stay safe and warm. It sounds like a bad one. There are many of you who live in the storm area and I am praying for each and every one of you.

Blessings dear ((Hugs))

P.S...hope you are feeling better.

Justfly said...

I truly believe there are not any laziness students. I believe their are students that have major processing problems and just "do not get it". (My youngest son has struggled through school. With the correct learned strategies he can process better.)
Then there are students (my middle son) who easily do well. Their brains process information very easily.
With a regular school all students are forced to learn the same way. Unfortunately all students do not learn the same way.