Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Date Night

So maybe things are ok with Matthew.  I didn’t really talk to him as I had planned.  We went out to dinner tonight and it was good.  He didn’t seem as distracted and he said things that make me feel that things are o.k.  We are definitely getting together this weekend – possibly Friday evening and definitely on Sunday.  I made a suggestion to him that he agreed to which I think will be great.  We are going to sign up for a ballroom dancing class that will meet once a week for about 8 weeks. 

School was ok.  My new speech classes are small which is good.  I’m going to teach the book To Kill a Mockingbird to my English classes.  It is one of my favorite books so I’m looking forward to it.  I am still not getting enough done, but just taking it one day at a time.  Tonight I should have done school work, but going on a date with Matthew is more important right now.  I had sleeping issues last night – couldn’t fall asleep so I finally took a tylenol p.m. at 11:30.  It made me a little groggy this morning, but it did the trick.  I just took another one about 45 minutes ago so I’ll be out soon.

I have three websites that recently expired due to an issue with a credit card expiration and so I just purchased new hosting plans for all of them and now I can’t get them set up because it won’t give me the option to choose an older web server that allows for Front Page extensions.  I don’t have time to adjust my sites to another program so I submitted a help ticket to see what needs to be done about it.  One of the sites is really popular with speech teachers and I’ve received several emails in the past few days from people asking where it has gone and if it will be back up soon. 

Well, that’s all the excitement here.  I may try to read a few more pages of my new book on my Kindle until the tylenol p.m. kicks in.

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