Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No news is…

well, just no news.  Matthew and I are still in limbo.  He is going to Houston for a job interview on Friday. I’m not sure how interested he is in the job as he said that the district is probably too big and he doesn’t really know much about Houston.  I don’t particularly like Houston, but he may love it.  Still don’t know if this is just the beginning of the end or whatever.  We’re still communicating somewhat, but it is stifled as always.  I can’t just write him off as of yet because unfortunately, I’ve grown to care about him and I really like him in spite of his flaws.

I am ready for the Koobraey nightmare to be over.  This week is extra fun because we are doing benchmark testing and I’m losing lots of extra time I would normally have to get things done.  I stayed at school until 6:00 working and then came home so I could get the script written.  But you know me… I’m blogging because I’m avoiding something that I really need to do.  I’ll get started on it shortly and try to get to bed early again.  I’ve been taking 1/2 a tylenol p.m. around 9:00 each night and I’ve fallen asleep by about 10:00.  Then I wake up a little before 5:00.  I never go back to sleep, but I eventually get up around 6:00 and amazingly I’m not totally exhausted.  Tomorrow will be a very long day as I have to get so much done.  I’ll be staying after for several hours, but I hope to everything done so I don’t have to stress as much the day of.  So at least I’ve been getting to school early the past few days. 

Two more days and I’ll be done with the last of one of the biggest headaches that I have.  Well, I gotta go get this script written and then try to get to bed at a decent hour.  Wish me luck.  And if you’re the praying sort – I wouldn’t mind a few prayers for myself- that I can get through the stress and potential relationship downfall, and for Matthew that he figures things out and finds the happiness that he is looking for.  


Patti said...

I am a "praying sort" lol.

Will be praying for you!

Leann said...

I will be praying for you both. Take care and have a good evening.