Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Working too much

I’m going to be putting in a lot of hours in the next few weeks.  I stayed up at the school working until 7:45 tonight.  I’m going to stay late tomorrow night as well.  Matthew and I are probably going to go on a date this weekend – potentially Friday and Sunday.  I was supposed to go to a speech tournament this weekend, but the number of kids dropped so I won’t be required to go, so that means Saturday will be the day that I hopefully finish up the yearbook and get it gone.  The big yearbook fundraising event called Koobraey is coming up and it is very nightmarish to organize.  I’ve had two successful years, but the next two weeks will be insane. 

I received confirmation that I was accepted for the Capstone experience and I’ve applied for graduation.  Now I have to order my cap, gown, hood, and maybe announcements.  I’m not sure who I’ll send announcements to though.  Do people really do that with a Master’s degree?  I’ve submitted my school absence request for three days during the week of capstone so I can work on my papers.  I have one week to write three papers that are about 2000 words each (5-6) pages.  I’m so ready to be done with all of this.  I think I’ve said that a time or two before. 

I should be doing more school work right now, but I’m thinking of reading my book on my Kindle some more.  I like the convenience of the Kindle, but I kind of miss the feel of a book and knowing where you are.  Like when I’m getting close the end, I know it by the number of pages I have left.  The Kindle shows a percentage of the book that has been read.  I think I’ll appreciate it more when I travel. 

I was a bit worried last night because my aunt was taken to the hospital.  She had an asthma attack brought on by a cold.  She’s back home now and they’ve run tests to see if she might have pneumonia.  She’s feeling better, but still weak.  Tonight I took one of my last few ambiens.  I am hoping I’ll get a good night’s rest without the grogginess in the morning and try to get to school early to get work done.  I hear the flu is making the rounds again so I’m thinking I should go get a shot from my doctor.  Maybe I can do that on Friday and get another prescription for ambien.  I haven’t needed to take it very regularly.  My one prescription lasted about 4 or 5 months. 

Well, time to go read for a bit and call it a night.

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Anonymous said...

The influenza is around in Germany, some people died from swineflu. I can not envision to read on such a Kindle-machine.