Sunday, January 02, 2011

Forcing an early bed time.

I took an abmien about an hour and  a half ago and I’m barely able to type somewhat coherently.  I need to fall asleep soon so I be rested enough to wake at 6:25.  I’m not ready to go back to school but I must.  I still have a million things to do but that is normal. 

I picked Matthew up at the airport and everything seemed ok.  He still seemed a bit distant, but no so much that he didn’t kiss me or hold my hand.  I do plan to talk to him about it at some point, but will give a few days for things to settle back down.  We have dinner plans for Tuesday evening.  Going with my friend Kirsten and Josh.

I’m happy to have him back close by and I look forward to going out on more dates and spending time with him. 

I think I better get off soon before my ability to type becomes further impaired.  I also have the hiccups which aren’t helping.  Have a good night all.

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Leann said...

Hope you slept well and that you enjoy Matthew's company once again.