Thursday, April 19, 2012


Getting sleep seems to always help.  I sent an apologetic email to Matt this morning.  He apologized again for being late.  I wasn’t able to meet him for dinner since I had a meeting after school, but I went to the Scrabble practice tonight.  I even played a game with Matt and he beat me pretty good, but nothing too outlandish in terms of scoring.  I think I blocked a few good plays against him.  I won two of my games tonight and lost two.  I had 4 bingos and one of them was worth 98 points when I played “flamiest.” 

Tomorrow Matt and I are going to the Spurs game against the Lakers.  It should be a really good game.  He said there are always fights in the stands.  I hope we are sitting around Spurs fans.  Matt will come over and grill before the game.  Saturday we are going to see The Hunger Games and then go out to dinner.  He finally read the book so we can go see it.

We are now trying to investigate different churches to see who has the best choir/music program.  It may take some doing, but I am hoping that we can find a church that has a decent music program here in San Antonio.  I wish I could take my church back up and move it here – then it would be perfect!  Hopefully we’ll find something more tolerable.  The church we went to last weekend had a somewhat decent choir, but it wasn’t just great.  It was kind of crowded as well – which is a good thing, but perhaps not quite the right atmosphere.  Also, the priest was just a visiting priest so I don’t know what the regular one would be like.  It seems most of the homilies around here center around God’s love for us and so on and so on.  I haven’t heard any truly gripping sermons yet. 

Well, it is now way past my bedtime so I better head that way.  Going to be another busy weekend, but it doesn’t involve school-work, so it’s a good kind of busy. 


Andrew Quixote said...

Well, they say make up lovin is te best!

Leann said...

I is good to see you are feeling better. Good luck with your hunt for a church that resonates with you.
Have a wonderful weekend!