Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fiesta is Done

The weekend has gone by too fast again.  It was nice to have Friday off from work.  Matt and I went to Cracker Barrell for brunch.  The band directors at school gave me a gift card there for helping them out this year so we took advantage of it.  The rest of the day we just took it easy and watched the big parade on t.v.  We went out for dinner at a Thai restaurant on Friday.  Saturday I slept in some, and then headed to the mall for my eye appointment.  Verdict is that I can use bifocals if I want to, but it’s not totally required if just want to keep taking off my glasses to read stuff up close.  I went ahead and opted for no-line bifocals.  I almost got a pair glasses with purple frames, but I ended up getting something more neutral.  I did, however, buy a separate pair of prescription sunglasses that have purple frames.  So $400 later, I’m poor again.  The glasses will take 7-10 days to get in.  Surprisingly, my left eye is getting better, but my right eye isn’t.  But it’s not necessarily worse either.  So I can still wear my current glasses with no problem as the difference isn’t all that much.  It will probably be good to have a back up pair. I also got some new clothes while I was out.  I got a black blouse and pants to wear for my concert in addition to another outfit and shirt.  Matt and I went to dinner Saturday night at a local burger joint which was pretty good.  I hadn’t eaten there yet.

This morning we planned to go to one of the missions for church, but because of a fiesta event, they only had one mass this morning instead of two so we had to go to what Matt calls the “blue-hair choir” church.  It is the one closest to my house that doesn’t have a very good choir.  While I was in church I had an “Oh Shit” moment when I realized that my band music was in the library at my school.  Because of the alarm being set, I couldn’t get in without someone else’s help.  I called the secretary and the principal.  My principal finally got hold of the secretary for me and she met me there.  I got the music, but had to wait a while because she couldn’t get the alarm set.  I didn’t want to leave her by herself.  So by the time she got someone to talk her through it, I was running way behind.  I rushed home and changed clothes, put a few curls in my hair, slapped on some make-up and headed out.  I was 10 minutes late to rehearsal, but at least I made it in time.  The concert went ok, but I’m just glad it’s over.  I hadn’t had the chance to eat, so Matt and I went out to our new favorite Mexican restaurant called La Gloria.  I had a margarita and it was really strong.  I took a quick nap at Matt’s place and then headed home.

On the way home, I stopped at Walmart to pick up a few things and there were about 5 police cars and a fire truck out front.  I heard from one of the check-out people that someone had been shot.  Glad I didn’t get there earlier.  So now I’m not doing much of anything other than watching t.v. with Matt. 

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