Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Maybe it’s PMS

I don’t if it would be worse to be going through menopause or dealing with the lovely monthly mood swings and “visitor” I still get to enjoy at this point in life.  I’ve been a little moody lately so I guess I can blame it on PMS.  Matt and I haven’t actually had any kind of fight and I really haven’t gotten mad at him which is saying a lot for our relationship.  Sure, I’ve been a little irritated from time to time, but nothing that has caused me much consternation.  But tonight one thing just built off another. 

I planned a lovely dinner that I actually had to cook.  This means it wasn’t something I just popped in the oven, but I actually had to boil pasta, coat chicken in flour, cook it, add sauce mixtures, etc.  I also made a salad and cooked corn on the cob.  (I drew the line at fresh corn and having to shuck, however.)  Don’t forget I also made a cake.  Matt said he would be here at his usual time between 6:30 and 7:00.  I erred on the cautious side and had dinner ready at 7:00.  When he didn’t show at 7:00 I started eating.  He didn’t get here until 20 after 7:00.  So needless to say, my mood wasn’t starting out the best.  Time is a big thing with me.  I believe that if you tell me that you’ll arrive between such and such time, that you’ll be here by at least the latest time mentioned.  I wanted to have a nice dinner with him in my nicely clean house and he doesn’t show up when the food is ready.  I guess it shouldn’t bother me, but time sends a nonverbal message about a person’s importance.  I believe that when someone is consistently late, they are telling the other person that their value is lessened.  Once or twice – that’s traffic or something came up.  Multiple times, it’s a message.  Or maybe I’m overreacting.  He did apologize for being late, but only after a few comments I made about it.

So I ate, and then he ate.  I watched American Idol.  He read The Hunger Games.  We kissed a little.  Then we played a game of Scrabble.  My mood had lightened some, but I guess not completely.  It didn’t help when he got a 149 point bingo.  When he followed that with another bingo worth 99 points, that was it for me.  I’m not saying he should throw the game, but for a competitive person like me who started out a little moody to begin with, it’s just not a good mix.  Somehow we finished the game.  I got two lousy 60 point bingos, but my mood went downhill fast.  He commented on me being so surly.  That’s interesting when he can get really moody when he doesn’t have good games himself.

I’ll get over it.  It’s not something to dwell on and perhaps it really is more hormonal than truly emotional.  But it’s the first time that my mood has gotten the best of me in a long time.  I guess I can’t have sunny days all the time – even here in SA. 


Anonymous said...

I suppose it's only normal that sometimes things just don't go well, or that you can feel a bit annoyed, but soon they will be well again, and it will seem like it was nothing. At least, that's how I experience some days:P Hopefully today's better already!


Leann said...

I hope you have a better day today. That sunshine reigns rather than irritation :-)