Friday, July 19, 2013

Made it to Vegas

Matt and I made it to Vegas yesterday.  We got to the airport early enough to have lunch at one of our favorite restaurants that recently opened within the terminal.  Security still takes forever, but we had plenty of time.  The only negative was the fact that we didn't get drinks on the plane.  I ordered a bloody mary, but turbulence kept the staff from being able to serve anything and it was a 2+ hour flight.  We took a shuttle from the airport to our hotel which cost about half the price of a cab.  It wasn't too bad because we were the first stop.  Once we got here, however, registration at the hotel took about 45 minutes because there were a lot of people in line.  Turns out they are having a cat show here along with Scrabble nationals.  I wondered why a guy had a cat on the shuttle bus.  We settled into our room and then we headed out to find food.  We walked down to the fashion show mall and ate burgers at Johnny Rockets.  It was kind of expensive but very filling.  After that we got but passes and headed to downtown so that Matt could see the Freemont Street Experience where they have a cool light show on an arced ceiling that is 90 feet high and 4 blocks long.  We got back around midnight Texas time (10:00 Vegas time).  We were so exhausted from all the walking we just crashed.  Now we're up early Vegas time.  We register for the tournament at 10:00 a.m. and it's only 8:00 here.  We'll go have some breakfast shortly, then register.  After that, we're going to hop on the bus and head down the strip for sight-seeing.  Matt has not been to Vegas since 1987 and it has changed considerably since then.  Well, I'm going to go get dressed and get ready for another long day of walking. 

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Anonymous said...

Hope it's not too hot there. The forecast for here is 106 today, and I think we will hit that number. At 1:30 it's 99 degrees. I know Vegas has similar dry heat.