Monday, July 22, 2013

Nationals Day Two

I won three and lost four games again today.  My overall record is six and eight, but I'm ok with that.  I had an amazing play in one of my games that I'm really proud of.  I was behind by over 100 points and I didn't think I had any hope of playing a bingo to catch up.  I figured I needed to score as many points as could, however, so the loss wouldn't be too great.  I played the word "hic" keeping another "c" in my rack so that I could play "chic" with another word in the out play.  I thought I was doomed when the other player put down the word "kata" on the board parallel to the spot I wanted to use.  It worked out better for me, however, as I was able to play the word "pluckier" in the final play of the game which netted me 91 points.  After getting the points for the tiles left on my opponent's rack I ended up winning by 17 points. 

Before the tournament began this morning, Matt and I went to church.  Luckily there is a cathedral just a couple of blocks over and they had a service starting at 8:00.  We had to leave right after communion but we made it just in time for announcements.

Matt was in a really bad mood after today's rounds.  He lost six games in a row, winning only his first game today.  He needed some alone time so I left for about 45 minutes and went shopping.  I brought him back some beer and a lucky keychain in hopes that he'll have more luck.  He is discouraged because he has been studying really hard and other people are winning in spite of making stupid plays and challenges. 

After I got back, we headed to Freemont street with a Scrabble friend he calls "Dr. Bob" who is an actual medical doctor.  We watched the light show on the Freemont street canopy and then had a buffet dinner down there.  At least Matt was in a better mood by the end of the evening.  I hope he has a better day tomorrow.  I would be happy to keep the same streak I've had.   Of course I'd like to win more than I lose, but I'll take what I can get.  I have to win my expected number of games (11.6) in order for my rating to increase.  We'll see how it goes. 

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Jan said...

I'm leaving pittsburgh early Wednesday for Vegas! Wis the timing was better, would be fun to see you in person!