Monday, July 22, 2013

Nationals Day Three

Well there's good and bad news about today's events.  Good news:  I won more games than I lost today.  I had a record of 4-3.  Bad news, in two games that I lost, they were both over 140 points each.  So when I lose, I REALLY lose.  I've discovered that if I play first, then I win.  If I play second, I lose.  I've discovered that some of my studying has paid off - I'm playing several words that I didn't know before that I've learned.  I also know that I need more word knowledge.  I haven't decided how much of an effort I'm going to make at studying, but I think I can hold my own to some degree now - at least in the bottom division. 

Matt had a better day today.  I guess his lucky penny that I got him came through for him.  He won some good games and feels ok about the ones he lost because he played well.  I was a bit moody at lunch today because it was right after my first big loss for the day.  Matt and I walked down to the Stratosphere for dinner and it was a lengthy walk.  I ordered a drink called "Pain in the Ass"  (sorry for my more conservative readers) which was actually quite yummy.  I had a nice buzz going and then I had to walk FOREVER back to the hotel. 

Matt wanted to attend the Town Hall meeting about Scrabble information for the year regarding rule changes, membership, and other stuff.  I'm sure most everyone is interested/concerned about the fact that Hasbro is no longer financially supporting competive Scrabble.  I stayed for about 30 minutes before I was totally bored and I came back to the room.  I'll be calling it a night shortly as I took a sleeping pill  My hours are still mixed up with the time change.  I still wake around 6:30 which is 4:30 Vegas time. 

Tomorrow is another full day of seven rounds.   We might go see Penn and Teller tomorrow night.  We'll try to get tickets at lunch tomorrow.  We leave out on Wednesday.  (Hey Jan - message me on facebook and let me know when you're getting into Vegas - we might at least be in the airport at the same time and we can say a quick hello/good-bye.)  Well, I think I'm going to watch a little tv until I'm too tired. 

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