Saturday, July 20, 2013

Scrabble Nationals Day One

Well it started off pretty well - I went up and down - ending up winning three out of seven games today.  I opened with a bingo in my first game against the fourth highest ranked player in my division.  I tanked in the last game where my opponent (ranked 9th) outdrew me and beat me by over 200 points. Overall it wasn't terrible.  I just hate that when I lose, I lost by large margins except for one game. 

In case you're interested, there is an article about the San Antonio Scrabble players going to nationals including Matt and me.  Yes, my real name is in the article so I hope none of my remaining three or four readers are stalkers that want to find me and beat me at Scrabble or do something worse. 

I'm glad that the first day is over.  It wasn't as exhausting as I thought it would be, but I was ready for the last game to end since it sucked so bad.  Matt and I are going to the bar to have a drink (or two) and then maybe do some of the social activities going on this evening. 

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Anonymous said...

Great article, thanks for sharing the link. Great picture of you also. I promise I am not a stalker! Good luck on your remaining games.