Sunday, October 05, 2008

A kink in the plan

I went to the football game on Friday. The band did o.k. but I don't think that they're where they need to be before they go to contest this next weekend. Unfortunately while at the game I realized that the weekend that I'm supposed to go visit Marty is the same weekend as the senior parent night for band. I was feeling very conflicted because I did not want to miss that opportunity for Josh and at the same time, I already bought my ticket for my trip. On that night, the senior band students and their parents line up at the front of the field and they have a ceremony of sorts. At first I thought about having someone else stand in for me and then I realize that really there isn't anyone else that could do it. I'm the only parent and I realized that I needed to be there for Josh regardless of the inconvenience of changing my plans in going to see Marty. I figured Marty would understand. So I called Marty yesterday and he said it was fine so now I'm looking for different days to go. While at church this morning, I realized that perhaps instead, I could reverse the ticket and fly Marty here, but the complexities of changing a name on a ticket are too much. So I'll probably be going around the second week in November instead. It's two more weeks to wait and it will cost more money to make the change, but it's my fault for not checking the date closely in the first place. Since I have an assistant coach, I can let him take the kids to one of the tournaments which frees up a weekend for me.
Now I'm having a hard time getting focused today. There are a lot of things I need to get done for class, but I just can't get motivated. I have a severe case of the lazies, I guess. We had our first speech tournament yesterday and my kids well. We won the first place sweepstakes trophy. It was a small tournament so we were able to get finished early. I was able to get home by 9:00 which was nice. I talked to Marty for a long time on the phone last night. I finally went to bed around 10:30 but had to get up early this morning because I was singing in church at the 8:30 service. I came home and tried to see about changing my ticket but it didn't work out like I wanted to so I gave up and took a nap. Now I'm checking flights again and then hopefully I get some work done on my upcoming book review that I need to turn in by Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Ach Mist - sorry, I am very sorry to hear about that muddle with the dates. "The lazies" - somewhere in between it does not work anymore, one needs time, a kind of breath taking. It's only difficult to start the engine again.

abbagirl74 said...

Bummer! That totally sucks. Hope you were able to find something.