Monday, October 20, 2008

So very far behind

I'm not getting much done these days. I hate to sound like a broken record... not enough time, but lately it's not even been that. I've completely wasted time. I have a lot to get done this week. I tried getting some cleaning done yesterday and I did make progress. I have the office area clean so I have a decent space to work. I started on my bedroom and made a small dent in the kitchen. I still have laundry and dishes to do so it's a never ending cycle.
This weekend I went to the marching contest. Josh's band got a first division. Afterwards I came home and went to bed. On Sunday I played in church and then spent the day cleaning. School was a long day today. I am still not even close to being caught up on things nor do I have anything graded. I'm trying to take care of yearbook receipt which is time consuming. I stayed at school until 5:30 today and then went to Walmart since I needed a new hair dryer. Of course I can't leave Walmart with a single item so $38 later I come home and make dinner. I at the chocolates I got while there as I made dinner because I was starving. I shouldn't go to the store hungry.
Watched Chuck and Heroes tonight instead of doing homework. I feel a little guilty but almost too tired to really care. Chatted with Marty a little as I watched t.v. (We watched Heroes together.) I am just so ready to be on my way to Florida. If I can just make it the next month or so. I don't know how serious Marty is when he mentions me coming to live in Florida - mostly it's said in jest, but right now it would be so very tempting to not teach for a year. Is that a bad thing?
Well, I'm tired and this morning came far too early. I'm going to start some laundry and call it a night.

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