Monday, October 06, 2008

Still heading to Florida

I'm just going two weeks later than expected. I made the reservation changes today and luckily it was cheaper than I thought it would be. I guess because gas prices went down, the airfare went down as well. I'm flying into Miami on Friday evening the 14th of November. Marty will pick me up there and we'll stay the night in Miami. After that I'll have 3 1/2 days with him in Key West. I return on Tuesday, November 18 flying out from Key West so he doesn't have to make the return trip to Miami. It still cost me $189 to make the change, but the fee to change was $150 of that. Originally when I checked this weekend, it was going to cost around $265 to change.
Although I would love for him to come here on the weekend of Halloween, it was more complex to change the name so I figured I might as just go a different time. It works out better for him since it is around his pay day so everything works out. I'm still excited, but kind of bummed that I have to wait longer. It's now six weeks instead of four. Oh well.
On Wednesday I am flying to Corpus Christi to go to my annual speech convention. I am not ready for it at all. I still have to update my speech team website (since that is the main focus of my presentation) but I couldn't today because front page isn't installed on my school computer. Luckily, I have the program so I'm going to take it to school tomorrow and install it. I have a million things to get done before tomorrow evening, but I guess that somehow, they will get done. It will be nice to get away for a few days. I'm just very behind on my grad school work. I have to get a survey out to the math teachers at school and I still have no idea what questions I'm going to ask. Well, I guess I'll figure it out. Heroes is coming on tonight and I want to watch it, but I'm afraid I won't get anything done. It is a dilemma. Oh well... I just picked up dinner so I'm going to go enjoy it and try to get focused on my work.


Leann said...

The time will fly!

Summer said...

You did the right thing for Josh and I know you'll never regret it. Time is going so fast these days that 2 weeks will seem like a moment.

abbagirl74 said...

I am so glad you were able to change the flight. You are going to have a marvelous time. Hope you are able to get everything done for your convention.

Anonymous said...

Hope your trip to CC went well.