Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Meme

Borrowed from Terri. Now that I can post again, I have to catch up.

1. What was the best present you've ever received?

As a child, it would have to be my jam box. (Large radio with cassette player) It had a strap so that I could carry it on my shoulder and I played it constantly and took it everywhere. I have always loved having music around.

As an adult, it would be the emerald earrings that Marty gave me the first time he said he loved me when we dated four years ago. It wasn't a Christmas gift, but it was very special because it was an amazing moment in my life. I still wear them and think of him every time I do. I hope he'll get back to that point soon.

2. What was the worst?

For Christmas - a jacket my sister made me that was made out of faux blue leather and funky plaid material that was way too large for me.

In general - when my ex-husband gave me a book of cool ideas to make sex "interesting" for Valentine's day. I thought it was a very selfish gift and I never used it.

3. What is something you really want this year for yourself?

A new mp3 player. And a plane ticket to Florida.

4. What is something you really want this year for someone else?

I want Marty to have a 52 inch flat screen t.v. I want Josh to have a new clarinet.

5. What's your favorite Christmas memory?

I can't pick a single event but my favorites are those times with my family where we would all be together and have a mound of presents under the tree. We would hand each other the gifts and just enjoy the morning. My mom would always make home-made cinnamon rolls and a large Christmas dinner. The family has diminished over the years. Usually we go visit my aunt and later my sister, but we're never all together any more. This year Josh and I are choosing to stay home and it will just be us. I'm making cinnamon rolls in the morning (but not home-made) and we'll have steaks for dinner. Who knows... this year could be my favorite.

A close second is the year that I got to spend with Marty. I think he came a few days after Christmas, but that is the year I bought him his digital camera and he was mad at me for spending so much money on him.

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